Thrift+ helps you to
generate a brand new
source of funding

We’ve raised £1,000,000 so far

Donating clothes offer your supporters a new way to give

Tap into a potential £1.4bn of funding

Each year, people across the UK spend £1.4bn on second-hand clothes from charity retailers. Thrift+ exists to grow the second-hand clothing market, and gives the 160,000 charities across the UK the chance to raise funds from their supporters’ best unwanted clothes.

1 x ThriftBag = £20 donations

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Why Thrift+?


Start receiving donations today. Get in touch for ready-to-go marketing materials.


We do all the work. Simply let your supporters know about Thrift+.


Receive funds straight to your account along with a quarterly report.

Refer and Earn

As well as raising donations from your supporters’ clothes donations, you can also raise funds by referring them to buy second-hand on our site.

Track your progress with a personalised dashboard that will show exactly how much you’ve raised through referring supporters.