We’re Thrift+.
We love pre-loved.

We want to end fashion waste.
By making secondhand seamless.

Thrift+ began in 2017. Our founder, Joe Metcalfe, was feeling frustrated. Frustrated by fast fashion.

Out of the 100 billion items of clothing produced each year, 70% is sent to landfill or burnt. In other words, we’re overproducing and under-using.

And Joe saw the problem. People were making the shift to thrift. But not enough of us. We still saw secondhand as fusty. Musty. Dusty. A lot of fuzzy photos and confusing sizing. Stroppy sellers and bossy buyers. Slow fashion? Yes please. Slow Post Office queues? No thank you.

So Joe had an idea. To make it easier to buy and sell pre-owned clothes. To look after every item on its journey from one wardrobe to the next. To turn secondhand into pre-loved.

Where we are now

That idea was Thrift+. It started in Joe’s home in London. And brings us to where we are today.

over 500,000

items of clothing recirculated.

£1.5 million

donated to charities chosen by our sellers.

Partnerships with the world’s

Leading fashion brands

A team of

65+ Thrifters. And growing.

“Our mission is to end fashion waste by making secondhand hassle-free.”

We built more than a marketplace. Packed away peer-to-peer. Smartened up secondhand. Turned it into pre-loved. No more surprise stains. No more trawling for your size. No more trekking to the Post Office. No more trouble in your DMs.

All of the clothes you buy from Thrift+ come straight from our warehouse. Our team of experts manages the whole process of recirculating pre-owned clothes. Whether you’re after the jeans of your dreams or a wardrobe clearout, we iron out the creases.

For staples, steals and disco heels

Get fits that flatter, no tatter. Shop over 500K clothes, shoes and accessories from top high street and designer brands on Thrift+. All quality checked by us. All packaged and shipped by us. Moneyback guarantees and 30 day returns? Another plus.

For sagging coat hangers and heaving drawers

Clear out your wardrobe and leave the hassle to us. Just send us a Thrift+ Bag and we’ll sort, photograph, list, pack and ship your clothes. Earn credit to donate to charity, spend on Thrift+, or redeem on vouchers with our partners.

We’re Thrift+.
We love pre-loved.

It’s time for a world without fashion waste. Who’s with us?

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