5 Tips for a Sustainable Spring Clean

20th March 2023

1. Refresh your wardrobe.

You guessed it. Our first tip: clearout your wardrobe.

Over 1/4 of clothing in UK cupboards is unworn*. So, it's likely you've got some pieces you're ready to part with. Order a Thrift+ Bag to get started.

-Pick your pieces

-Pack them in your bag

-Post it back.

2. Put on an ocean-clean load.

Did you know laundry products contain ingredients that are harmful to ocean life?

This week we're loving the brand new OceanSaver Laundry EcoSheets, which help you to save a few squid - and quid. They're plant-based and work well on cold washes - perfect for lowering your laundry's footprint. 

3. Recirculate old tech with Spring.

Unearth your tech's hidden worth. Spring gives you a planet-friendly way to get money for your pre-loved devices. Here’s how it works:

-Find out your tech's worth here

-Pick your post: Spring Post or pop to your local Pod

-Get paid in 1-3 days

4. Repot responsibly.

Spring is a great time to re-house your rootbound plants so they can thrive.  

Before you get started, choose your soil wisely. Opt for a 'peat-free' mix.

Say no to new plastic pots. See what you have already or ask a friend for spares. 

5. Cleanout your cupboards.

Open your kitchen cupboards to organisational bliss. Plus, help fight food waste. 

Reach deep into the depths of your shelves. Grab lurking past-their-sell-by-date jars. Rinse them ready for recycling. 

Found non-perishables that just aren't to your taste? Donate to your local food bank.

Need help with your clearout? Chat to our team by emailing: hello@thrift.plus.

Source: Nation's wardrobes hold 1.6 billion items of unworn clothes, WRAP (2022)