Where to sell your second-hand clothes

12th May 2022

Where to re-sell your clothes

Where to re-sell your second-hand clothes

Re-selling clothes has grown in popularity as people become increasingly conscious about the ethical and environmental impact of buying new. Re-selling clothes provides the perfect opportunity to get a little bit back and give back by keeping clothes in circulation.

There are many ways to sell second-hand clothes both online and locally. Selling clothes second-hand extends a garments’ life and minimises its carbon footprint, as well as contributing to the circular economy - the future of fashion. Extending an item's life by just 9 months lowers its carbon, water and waste footprint by up to 30%* making it worthwhile getting your un-loved clothes back in circulation. Keep reading for the best ways to re-sell your clothes.

Re-sell Online

If you’re new to the world of clothing re-sale, selling online with Thrift+ is a great place to start. Selling clothes second-hand with Thrift+ is totally hassle-free, requiring minimal effort and time. Simply order a ThriftBag, fill it with unwanted clothes and send it to the Thrift+ warehouse for free. The Thrift+ team then do the rest, they quality check, photograph and upload your clothes online to sell. When your clothes sell, you can choose to either earn credits to spend on Thrift+, redeem partner vouchers (such as John Lewis, Browns, FatFace, The White Company) or raise money for your favourite charity.

Car Boot Sale

Another option to consider is car boot sales. These are the perfect place to give your old clothes (and other treasures) a new life and de-clutter in the process. Make sure to get there early to pick a prime spot and don’t put price tags on your items as you may want to alter your prices throughout the day. Remember to arrive prepared for haggling, it’s all part of the fun. 

Clothes Swap

If you aren’t looking to profit from your old second-hand clothes but still want to keep them out of landfill, why not swap with friends and family? This is a very easy way to revamp your wardrobe without over consuming. Clothes swaps are fun, inclusive events that everyone can be involved in. 

Charity Shop

If a clothes swap doesn’t sound like your thing, you could also head to a local charity shop. You will be making a positive impact on your local community and helping support fantastic causes with the funds raised from re-selling your second-hand clothes. Just remember to make sure your clothes are washed and clean before donating - and not to leave donation bags on the street.

Textile Recycling

If there isn’t a charity shop nearby or your clothes aren’t in good enough condition for re-sale, try recycling. You can find clothes recycling banks in supermarket car parks and on high streets. These bins are great for clothes in any condition, as the materials will often be used for textile recycling initiatives like making materials for insulation, carpet padding and more. You can also order a textile Recycling Bag from Thrift+, that will ensure your clothes are responsibly and ethically recycled.

As the garment resale market booms make sure to make the most out of your old clothes and keep them in circulation! Re-selling second-hand clothes is great way to get a bit back, help good causes and create a more sustainable fashion future. 

Thanks for helping keep your clothes in circulation! 

If you have any questions on the impact of fashion or want support in re-selling your clothes with Thrift+, get in touch with our friendly team: hello@thrift.plus 🧡

*Source: Global Fashion Agenda & BCG 2018