Pre-loved: why it's the future of fashion

7th June 2022

What is pre-loved?

Pre-loved is another term for second-hand clothing. These are clothes which may no longer fit your body or your style but would be perfect for someone else.

Why is pre-loved popular?

Pre-loved clothes are gaining popularity due to the rise of resale options, the increase in  environmental awareness and their affordability. 

In 2021 the world bank reported that the Global Garment Sector emits more CO2 than global aviation and shipping combined*¹. As it becomes clear that  the fashion industry heavily contributes to some of the world's most significant issues,  pre-loved clothes offer a fantastic lower impact solution - leading the way for  the future of fashion.  

The buying and reselling of pre-loved clothing is here to stay. In a study*² by GlobalData (2021), it was found that the resale market is expected to grow 11 times faster than traditional retail. The resale market is also set to grow faster than sustainable fashion brands, due to the breadth of resale options and shift in the way we consider the value of our clothes. It’s now easier than ever to get clothes back into circulation with hassle-free resale platforms like Thrift+.  

Pre-loved is also a great cost-effective substitute to buying new. Pre-loved often means cheaper price tags - particularly when it comes to designer brands. The affordability of second-hand makes pre-loved even more appealing.

Choosing a pre-loved doesn’t mean making a fashion compromise - you can still keep up with the latest trends and find quality to last.  A lot of current sought after styles are inspired by past looks - a great example of this is the current resurgence of 90 / 00s style. Trends always come back around and you can almost certainly find a pre-loved version of the trendy items you’re after. 


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