We help prevent the unnecessary destruction and disposal of imperfect stock


An immediate alternative to landfill

We help retailers and brands to identify opportunities to reduce the destruction, disposal or job-lotting of stock that could otherwise be donated. A major opportunity is in 'imperfect stock': rejected returns, samples, wardrobe, or otherwise damaged stock.

Thrift+ helps retailers and brands to immediately divert stock from destruction or disposal by selling it rapidly into the second-hand market.


A more effective way to donate

We sell online and donate the proceeds to your chosen charity. Our proprietary technology allows us to rapidly photograph, price and upload large volumes of stock and minimise the cost of our operations.  

By keeping costs low and selling online for a fair price, Thrift+ maximises the donation to your chosen charity.

With better tax benefits

At Thrift+ we convert imperfect stock into a cash donation, rather than a stock donation, generating a higher tax deductible expense that is equal to the second-hand market value of the goods.

Donating with Thrift+ is more financially attractive than destroying, disposing or donating physical stock.

So far, we've prevented the unnecessary destruction of over £1 million of imperfect stock

Zero hassle service

We accept bulk donations of mixed products: any item, any brand, any size, any condition.

100% transparent

We track every single item from donation to sale. Follow the status of your donated inventory in real time.

Total data reporting

We provide line-item reports to help you understand the value of your goods on the second-hand market.