What is the Thrift+ x Farfetch service?

Thrift+ is an on-demand donation service that makes it easy, transparent and rewarding to donate good quality pre-loved items to your favourite charity.

Order a donation bag, fill it up and return it for free. Thrift+ does all the work of selling online for you.

For every item sold, one third of the money made goes to your chosen charity and you can either earn one-third as Farfetch credit, or donate all of the profits to your cause. One third goes to Thrift+ for running the service.

Why are Farfetch and Thrift+ partnering?

Farfetch is on a mission to become the global platform for good in luxury fashion – empowering everyone to think, act and choose positively. That's why we've partnered with Thrift+ to offer a luxury donation service that enables you to raise money for your chosen cause and extend the life of your clothes.

Here's how it works


Order your free Thrift+ x Farfetch donation bag.


Fill your Thrift+ x Farfetch bag with good quality pre-loved clothes.


Return for free via your local drop-off point, or on-demand collection if you're London-based.


Thrift+ will sell your items online to raise as much as possible for you and your chosen charity.


Spend any credit you earn on future purchases at Farfetch.

Got questions?


Thrift+ specialises in selling high quality second-hand clothes that deserve to be sold online for a fair price.

However this does not mean just mean designer pieces.

Thrift+ also accepts contemporary brands (e.g. Whistles, &OtherStories, Levis) and high street brands (e.g. Zara, Topshop) as long as these items are in excellent condition.

Thrift+ will keep you updated every step of the way. You will receive an email notification once your items are live on the Thrift+ store and as they begin to sell. You can also log in to your Thrift+ account to check on the latest status of your donations.

You can select any UK registered charity.

Your ThriftBag is free to order and free to return. However, Thrift+ recoups the first £5 of sales to cover these costs before the remaining sales are split as per your chosen proposition.

Note, if you choose to have your ThriftBag collected by courier then the first £10 of sales per bag is recouped to cover this added cost.

After deducting the initial return costs, Thrift+ sends 33% of each sale to charity. This compares to an average of 19% in a high street charity shop. By selling online for a fair price and keeping costs low, Thrift+ is the most effective way to donate quality clothes to your chosen charity.

As each item sells, you will receive a notification from Thrift+ and your credits will be loaded automatically into your Farfetch account within 48 hours.

This service is fully operated by Thrift+. If you have any issues or questions, please contact hello@thrift.plus

Please note this service is currently only available in the UK.


Already a donor? Click here to log in to your Thrift+ account.

We're on a mission to become the global platform for good in luxury fashion – empowering everyone to think, act and choose positively.

Services like Thrift+ x Farfetch enable our customers to give clothes another useful life and help charities at the same time. It's all part of what we call Positively Farfetch.