Credit FAQs

You can find your credit balance from your My Account page. For first time sellers, please create your account using the same email address that you used when ordering your ThriftBox.

We convert your credit into points. If you have received £1 of credit from an item that sold on our site, you receive 100 points.

When you want to spend your credit, you can simply do the reverse calculation. 100 points = £1 discount.

We have to wait 30 days after your item sells before we can credit your account. This is so that the returns period has passed and we know that the item has been sold successfully.

Our aim is to sell each item for the price it deserves. However, this doesn't always mean the original listing price.

When we receive an offer for an item, we make a balanced decision of whether to accept, counter-offer or decline. Therefore, we will often accept offers when we have received a fair price.

If you would ever like to know the selling price of any of your items, please just ask.

To redeem your credit, please log in to your account and locate the 'Redeem My Credit' button. This opens a pop-up where you can exchange your points for a discount code. Remember, 100 points = £1 discount.

Once you have found an item you want to buy, redeem only the amount of points that you need to buy that item. You do not get any 'change' when using a discount code.

Copy and paste the code at checkout to redeem your credit.

Like any purchase on our site, we will happily accept a return within 30 days for a full refund. If you used points you will receive your refund in points. If it was a mix of points and money, you will be refunded in the same way.

ThriftBox FAQs

Your best unwanted clothes! We specialise in premium & designer brands that are in new or used condition. We also sell High Street brands, but these have to be in excellent condition. For more information, please see our Quality Control pages.

Each ThriftBox is 45 x 35 x 15cm and can fit 10-15 items. Lots of our donors are suprised how much they can fit inside. Please note that our boxes are now a lot bigger than in the videos on the Homepage and in the How It Works section.

You can now order up to 3 ThriftBoxes! BUT, please note - the boxes are a lot bigger than they look! Each box can hold 10-15 items or maybe more if you are very good at folding clothes... so we ask politely that you don't order more boxes than you have quality clothes :)

Nope! We send your ThriftBox flatpacked so it fits through your letterbox.  

Yes please! You can use Thrift+ anywhere in the country. Simply drop it off for free at your local DPD shop. The return label is already attached to your box. Find your nearest drop off point here.

We have temporarily put our collection service on hold but it will be back soon - bigger and better! If you live in London Zones 1-3 and would like to request a collection, please get in touch.