Top 12 UK Sustainable Fashion Influencers to Follow

Top 12 UK Sustainable Fashion Influencers to Follow

Need some sustainable fashion inspo? Here are our top 10 influencers serving planet conscious looks.

Rosie @rosieokotcha (she/her)

Rosie, London based model, is an ethical and sustainable fashion advocate. Rosie encourages re-wearing, re-selling and re-using and creates the most flawless second-hand looks. We love Rosie's all-thrifted outfits and think she is the perfect ambassador for the slow-fashion revolution.
Watch Rosie’s Thrift+ reel: here
Support Rosie's chosen charity Black Minds Matter UK with 10% of your order using her link: here

@rosieokotcha (2,033)


Tam @onestylishmoo (she/her)

Veterinary graduate, Tam brings second-hand fashion to life with her bright and bold outfits. Showing being 'on trend' doesn't mean 'new', if you're after some y2k ideas, Tam is the one to follow. Through her confident, cool and quirky looks Tam proves that sustainability can be cool.
Watch Tam’s Thrift+ reel: here
Support Tam's chosen charity PDSA with 10% of your order using her link: here

@onestylishmoo (8,309)

Mikaela @mikaelaloach (she/her/they)


Mikaela is the most wonderfully informative and positive climate justice activist out there. Not only is Mikaela a 4th year medic at Edinburgh uni and co-host to a brilliant podcast @theyikespodcast, but she is *also* currently taking the UK government to court in a campaign called @paidtopollute...all whilst serving second-hand looks! We would highly recommend Mikaela's page to anyone wanting to learn more and develop their understanding of climate activism.

@mikaelaloach (113K)


Nayna @naynaflorence (she/her)


Charity shop and second-hand fashion lover, Nayna, has one of the most aesthetically pleasing feeds. Promoting slow living and mindfulness, Nayna shows being a sustainable student is possible. Host to both a YouTube and @growingwiththeflow_podcast, Nayna is all about being kind to yourself and the planet.

@naynaflorence (108K) 


Izzy @izzy_manuel (she/her)


Chemistry grad and blogger Izzy is a self-claimed ‘imperfect sustainable and ethical fashion advocate’. Izzy’s colourful photos will brighten up your feed with some beautifully conscious looks. Check-out her page for finding the coolest new sustainable brands and contrasting colour combos.

@izzy_manuel (4,963)


Phoebe @pashun4fashun (she/her)

Model, Phoebe has an incredible talent for finding gorgeous second-hand gems and this account provides some really inspiring pre-loved content. Her outfits are beautifully curated and Phoebe really highlights the ability to use conscious fashion as a showcase of personality and joy.

@pashun4fashun (1,338) 


 Elle @elinorcharlotte

Poetry writing, charity shop wearing, Elle, beams positivity in her thrifted finds. Mixing unique vintage pieces, conscious ethical brands and charity shop finds, Elle is all about making slow-fashion fun. Using clashing patterns to create statement looks Elle shows the exciting side of the second-hand fashion revolution.

@elinorcharlotte (13.5K)


Jade @thriftyfinnie

Vintage lover Jade spreads positivity and is all about promoting charity and vintage shopping as the way forward. Always joyful, Jade finds the cutest pre-loved pieces and highlights great small, local and ethical brands. Follow Jade from some content sunshine!

@thriftyfinnie (5,844)


 Venetia La Manna @venetialamanna

Venetia is just absolutely fabulous. Venetia one of the most influential fair fashion campaigners in the UK, she is host to @atstpodcast which celebrates 'all the small things', co-host to @rememberwhomadethem which raises awareness for garment workers *and* she is the founder of #oootd (currently has 65.9K tags)!

Venetia is queen of calling out greenwashing, openly discusses mental health and is never wearing new. Always bringing positivity and hope to your feed, Venetia is a must-follow! 

@venetialamanna 139K


Eva @evamillicentwhitt

With the slogan 'probably wearing your old clothes' Eva brings the grooviest and cutest sustainable looks to your feed. Blogger Eva is also founder of @groovy_bugs (clay jewellery) so really understands what it means to produce things slowly and by hand. Check out Eva's feed for some mindful, positive and fun content.

Farihah @easypeasysustainability

Farihah shows how being sustainable and mindful can be really easy… Promoting minimalism and the concept of ‘only buy what you need’, anything second-hand that Farihah wears is always thoughtfully perfect. Farihah shows slow-fashion and mindfulness go hand-in-hand.

@easypeasysustainability (2,768)

Sasha @sashakathleeng

Sasha is all about the circular economy, re-using, re-wearing and re-making. ‘Slow down’ could be her tag-line as she is always encouraging you to think more deeply about your wardrobe. Her ‘moodier’ content style is definitely worth following.

@sashakathleeng (2,526)


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