The steps we've taken to offset our CO2 footprint

The steps we've taken to offset our CO2 footprint

While our mission is all about reducing fashion waste, we know our operations have an environmental impact. We've been able to measure this impact, but the most important thing now is to take action. 
This Earth Day we’re excited to announce we've completed our first carbon footprint assessment for Scope 1, 2 and 3 and have offset our emissions with accredited carbon credits 
Being carbon neutral means that our carbon footprint has been calculated on the basis of internationally recognised standards and fully offset by supporting certified carbon offset projects.

Over the last few months, Miranda, our Head of Growth ran an audit of all our operations to establish our CO2 footprint for Scope 1, 2 and 3. This means not only did we assess our the carbon footprint of our daily operations but also our employee commuting, waste disposal, transportation and distribution.


We’ve offset 201,700 kgs of CO2.

After investigating the best way to ensure that our footprint is offset we chose to work with Climate Partner as our offset facilitator. 

We’ve chosen to support a reforestation project in Mataven, Colombia, that works with indigenous communities to help restore the forest and promote biodiversity. This project is validated by the Colombian Institute for Technical Standards and Certification in accordance with the project standards: Verified Carbon Standard and EPIC Sustainability Services.

This initiative protects 1,150,200 hectares of tropical forests, safeguarding its biodiversity including 249 bird species, 198 butterfly species, 33 dung beetle species, 121 plant species, among others.

This project provides social benefits for 16,000 indigenous people and is raising the participation and empowerment of 7,600 indigenous women whilst promoting inclusive and sustainable economic growth for 265 indigenous communities.

Offsetting our carbon footprint is just one step we’re taking to reduce our impact on the planet. We believe it is not only important to offset our CO2 but also to reduce our production of CO2 in our daily operations.

We aren't perfect but we are committed to continuous improvement. We are constantly striving to reduce the environmental impact of our operations and will keep you updated on the progress of our other projects including our Recycling Service and getting B Corp certified.

We are always open to exploring ways we can help create a happier and healthier future of fashion. If you have any ideas on how we can improve - get in touch by emailing