Our Top 5 UK Based Slow Fashion Brands

Our Top 5 UK Based Slow Fashion Brands

Our Top 5 UK Slow Fashion Companies To Support

We have picked these brands because of their commitment to reducing their impact on the planet and leading the way forward in the sustainable fashion revolution.
These brands not only prioritise working with sustainable fabrics and materials but also consider their social and ethical responsibilities. Proving you can look great and look after the planet, here are our top picks:


L’ESTRANGE is rethinking fashion’s problem with waste. Through its commitment to the circular economy, L’ESTRANGE designs pieces with longevity and functionality. Not only does L’ESTRANGE use solely organic cotton or recycled fabrics but it is investing in new sustainable materials such as Kapok (made from Kapok tree) and getting involved in some great carbon off-setting initiatives.
Being one of our partners, L’ESTRANGE encourage its clients to donate their unused clothes and create timeless capsule collections. In the world of men’s fashion, it can be hard to find sustainable solutions, but we think L’ESTRANGE might have cracked it.


London College of Fashion graduate Comet Chukura has created a collection of accessories with a purpose. All unisex, these accessories are made from natural muslin-free wool (harm-free and biodegradable) and include streaks of light-reflective thread to ensure you’re seen.
Comet works specifically with BAMER (black, Asian, minority ethnic and refugee) women who have faced difficulty finding work and uses the craft of knitting to bring these pieces to life. Practicing artisanal craftwork, supporting the local female community and responsibly sourcing their materials, Glow is a company you’ll want to support.


With the slogan, ‘a recipe for change’, Appetite’s speciality is turning vintage tablecloths into statement pieces. Hand-making each item to order in East London, with a small collective of local seamstresses, each piece is one-of a kind.
Founders Holly and Charlotte ensure that waste is kept to an absolute minimum and inclusivity is a must, offering custom-sizing and fabric specifications. We love this brand for its season-less slow-fashion take on up-cycling.

Lara Intimates 

With sustainability and inclusivity at its core, Lara Intimates answers your eco-prayers for lingerie. Boasting over 100 sizes, locally produced and carbon neutral these pieces are up-lifting in more ways than one.
Using deadstock fabrics and hand-making items to order means minimal waste for the Hackney based workshop and the least possible impact on the planet. With natural, unedited images on their website, Lara Intimates is all about empowering women and working with the planet. 


Founded in Manchester, Natasha ‘Roop’ Fernandes Anjo hand-makes a picnic-perfect collection of handbags, scrunchies and scarves. Using vintage and up-cycled fabrics to create her signature patchwork ‘furoshiki’ knot bags, Roop ensures each item is totally unique.
Female founded, and completely individual, we love this brand for showing sustainable fashion can be fun.
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